iPhone 5 Facts
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iPhone 5 Facts

iPhones are popular models of cell phones that include various application abilities, with purchase of apps through the Apps Store. These phones can play music, snap photos, take video, play games, send text via email or regular cell phone texting and much, much more.

Everyone has their preference of phone, however the iPhone was introduced and cell phone users everywhere went crazy.  The iPhone touchscreen is an amazing cell phone, packed with various applications that can be purchased at an app store.  Everything from weather applications to music apps that give the user hours of fun -- all on the phone. 

The screen size is three and a half inches, with a resolution of 320 by 480 at 160 pixels per inch.  This multi-touch phone operates with an OS X operating system and has a storage capacity of four or eight gigabytes.  The quad-band phone works at 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 megahertz, depending on the model.

With a built-in WiFi signal operation, along with the capability of Bluetooth, the phone can be used for both hands-free calls or Internet use.  iPhones house a 2 megapixel camera which also gives the user the ability to take snapshots in between games and calls.  All of this can operate up to five hours for talk, video and browsing the internet and up to sixteen hours for the audio playback feature.

The iPhone weighs in at about 4.8 ounces, making it one of the lightest phones available as well.  Plenty of accessories are available for the iPhone, but users need to be aware of the various "generations" to purchase the right accessory for the correct generation of phone.

Each generation boasts newer additions or various features added to create a better iPhone.  The iPhone 3rd generation of iPhone, we saw the addition of the ability to shoot video, edit it and share it.  The video can be shot in landscape or portrait mode, up to 30 fps with audio.

The video editing tools allow you to edit your footage by setting start and end points.  Emailing, posting to your MobileMe gallery or publishing the video on YouTube are all options with the editing components.  ITunes software allows you to sync video back to your Mac or PC.  Zoom features for video recording is also included in the iPhone 3GS.

The App Store services those with the iPhone and Ipod Touch created by Apple Inc. that allows users to search through and download over 50,000 apps that were created with the iPhone SDK and are published through Apple.  The apps are available to purchase for very little, for the majority of them, or are free of charge, depending on the application.  Apps are downloaded directly to the phone or the iPod Touch and can be used indefinitely.

The iPhone App Store boasts over 1 billion iPhone Apps have been downloaded so far and lists the top 25 and 50 downloads at any given time, both in the free category and the apps that are charging money to download as well.

The iPhone normally runs about $199 for the original cost, but the monthly charge is based upon variables, such as who you go through for phone service and how much you talk, etc.  Cricket phone service sells their services for the iPhone for about $45 monthly, not including taxes, etc. 

The 16 GB model runs about $199, however the old iPhone 3G with 8GB goes for about $99.  The iPhone 3G is around $299 for the 32GB model.  While these prices don't sound too bad, not everyone qualifies for the announced pricing right away.  The prices listed apply to new customers asking for new lines of service.  Contract renewals are also included in the above pricing.  Anyone that is still under contract, including existing iPhone 3G owners, are not eligible for the upgrade.  AT&T claims that most iPhone 3G users will be eligible for the announced pricing after 18 months of service and usage.  There may be the possibility of an "early upgrade price", which are $499 for the 32GB, $399 for the 16GB, and $299 for the older 8GB iPhone 3G, but that's only if you can't wait the six months to get the new phone.  If new contracts that run for two-years are not wanted at all, the full price of the phones need to be paid.  These run for $699 for the 32GB, $599 for the 16GB and $499 for the 8GB phone.

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good article

I always get back to the basic function of cellphones. The new releases need more thought before purchasing.