Sex Text Abbreviations: Sexting Text Acronyms - Abbreviations for Sex Texting
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Sex Text Abbreviations: Sexting Text Acronyms - Abbreviations for Sex Texting

List of sex text abbreviations for sexting or text messaging. Looking for a list catering exclusively to sexting acronyms? Learning about sexting abbreviations is important for you safety and children's safety.

Want a list solely on text abbreviations for the subject of sex for text messaging? It's a lot easier to have a list of what you want for text acronyms than searching through the volumous abbreviations you see all over the internet. If you need texting abbreviations for sexting or communicating with someone on a topic involving sex, here's your list.

Some are graphic text abbreviations, so be forewarned of strong sexual content:

Sexting Text Abbreviations:

  • 1174           nude club
  • 53X             sex
  • 8                 oral sex
  • Banana         penis
  • BJ                blow job
  • BMS             baby making sex
  • BOB             battery operated boyfriend
  • CBJ              covered blow job
  • CU46            see you for sex
  • DUM             do you masturbate?
  • DURS           damn you are sexy
  • DUSL           do you scream loud?
  • DWPKOTL    deep wet passionate kiss on the lips
  • F/IB             in the front or in the back
  • FMUTA          f*** me up the a**
  • FOl               fond of leather
  • FWB             friends with benefits
  • GNOC           get naked on cam
  • GYPO            get your pants off
  • I&I                intercourse & inebriation
  • IIT                is it tight?
  • ILF/MD          I love female/male dominance
  • IMEZYRU       I'm easy, are you?
  • IPN               I'm posting naked
  • ITS               intense text sex
  • IWSN            I want sex now
  • J/O               jerking off
  •  JEOMK         just ejaculated on my keyboard
  • Kitty             vagina
  • LB?W/C        like bondage, whips or chains?
  • LF                let's f***
  • LH6              let's have sex
  • LHOS            let's have sex online
  • LHU              let's hook up
  • MNSNUW      mini-skirt, no underwear
  • NFS              need for sex
  • PRON            porn
  • Q2C             quick to cum
  • RUH             are you horny?
  • SOT             sex on text
  • TDTM           talk dirty to me
  • TTA             tap that a**
  • WYFM          will you f*** me?
  • XTC             ecstacy 

Couples, lovers, and friends with benefits alike can print this sex abbreviation guide to refer to for sexting or text messaging on the cell phone or computer. It's fun, creative, and communicates how you feel without the world knowing exactly what you're saying in your text.


Sexting Conclusion

It is important to understand these sexting abbreviations if you are getting texts from someone. Not knowing can be dangerous. It is equally important to understand these sexting abbreviations when they monitor their children’s cell phone and texts.

Kids today have a greater understanding of these sexting abbreviations than their parents do, and if parents monitor their kid’s cell phones, it is very important to understand all of today’s vernacular and sexting abbreviations. There are just too many predators out there that target children, and some children might not even know these abbreviations. It is always best to monitor your child’s cell phone and to explain to your children how wrong this can be.


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This is just wonderful. On a site that anybody can access, no matter their age, we are willing to publish articles promoting "sexting." Why don't we just pass this around schools since minors can read about it online anyway. Let's just get it over with and pique their curiosity, strip them of their innocence, and throw them to the wolves now. Ugh, what is this world coming to?

love it

Very informative. There is always a moral to the story but since factoidz is for facts, religious or sexual orientations may differ.

lol, its disgusting, I can't imagine to use these abvbrevations in my life.