Text Symbols - List of Texting Symbols, a Reference of Emotion Text Messaging
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Text Symbols - List of Texting Symbols, a Reference of Emotion Text Messaging

List of text symbols for texting and emailing. This handy reference is a guide for text messaging symbols in regards to human emotions.

Symbols make text messaging to friends and family easy.  There are countless ways to express yourself on a cell phone or in email via texting symbols. It's surprising how so few characters on a keypad create a mood or reaction in the category of emotions.  In this list, you'll see a reference to a variety of typical emotions people normally express when texting or emailing with one another. 

Text Messaging Symbols:  Happy Emotions

  •       :) smiling
  •       :-) smiling with nose
  •       : - D  Grinning or Laughter
  •       :' )  Happy and crying
  •       :’-D  Crying while laughing

Texting Symbols: Sad, Angry or Confused Emotions

  •       :-(     Sad
  •       :(      Sad without nose
  •       :-||     Angry
  •      >:-(     Extremely angry
  •      >:-@! Angry and swearing
  •      >: -|    Cross
  •       :'-(     Crying
  •       %-(   Confused and unhappy
  •       :@     Shouting
  •       :-(0)   Shouting
  •       :-c      Unhappy
  •       :-o      Appalled

     Text Symbols: Reaction Emotions

  •      /: - |     Not amused
  •      : - 7     Smirk
  •      :-( )      Shocked
  •      :-*        Bitter
  •     :-\         Skeptical or disappointed
  •     :-|         Determined or indifferent
  •     :-<        Cheated
  •     :-<>      Surprised
  •     :-O        Wow
  •     :-o zz    Bored

There's always more than one symbol used to express moods or feelings in messaging. The references above are commonly used in text messaging and through email communication.

Source: Bostonnightclubnews.com  

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I liked it. Maybe I can crawl out of the 50's with this. ;)

Oh my goodness - I only know the sad face and happy face!

Excellent information about texting language, Heather.