Texting: Actions - Abbreviations of Text Messaging Actions
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Texting: Actions - Abbreviations of Text Messaging Actions

Text messaging abbreviations for actions. A handy reference of texting acronyms for actions.

Texting action messages on a cell phone or in email is the modern way to communicate in today's world. Are you seeking text messaging abbreviations that stand for certain actions you tend to type out in long form?  Sometimes that works, but other times you just want to have the texting lingo down for getting your point across.  Check out the texting abbreviations for actions here.

Text Message Abbreviations for Actions:

  • AFK          Away from the Keyboard
  • ATK          At the Keyboard
  • BBIAB      Be Back in a Bit
  • BBL          Be Back Later
  • BL             Belly Laughing
  • BRT          Be Right There
  • BBS          Be Back Soon
  • BWL         Bursting with Laughter
  • FC             Fingers Crossed
  • GFN          Gone for Now
  • HHS          Hanging Head in Shame
  • IJWTS       I Just Want to Say
  • IMTNG      In Meeting
  • LIB            Lying in Bed
  • LTS           Laughing to Self
  • OTL          Out to Lunch
  • PDA          Public Display of Affection
  • PUKS        Pick Up Kids
  • QSL           Reply
  • QSO         Conversation
  • RNINL8     Running Late
  • SETE        Smiling Ear to Ear
  • SHOPN     Shopping
  • SMH          Shaking My Head
  • SPK           Speak
  • SWL          Screaming with Laughter
  • TXT           Text
  • TEXTIN      Texting
  • WTN          Waiting
  • W8in 4       Waiting for
  • W4U          Waiting for You
  •  WRK         Work

Text messaging abbreviations for actions reduce the amount of time it takes to type out an action that takes forever on a keyboard.  Even some of the texting abbreviations and acronmys for these actions are long in themselves. For more texting abbreviations, check out the links below as references.

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very important information.thanks Heather for sharing