Texting: Girly & Stylish Text Symbols for Messaging on Cell Phone & Email
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Texting: Girly & Stylish Text Symbols for Messaging on Cell Phone & Email

Girly and stylish text symbols for the ultimate girly girl. What types of fashion statements do you like to make when text messaging? Check out this fun, girly text symbols list.

Are you a girly girl and looking for some stylish text messaging symbols? If you're looking for a few fun texting symbols to use while you're communicating with your girlfriends through the cell phone or email, here are a couple you will enjoy in one form or another. Girly girls need stylish and fashionable ideas for everything in life -- including text messaging!

Girly & Stylish Text Messaging Symbols: Hair & Makeup

&:-)         Curly hair

{:-)          Hair parted in middle

%-)         Long bangs

#:-)         Matted hair

@:-)       Wavy hair

__||||||   Brush or comb

:{}           Lipstick

____"""  Mascara

Girly & Stylish Text Messaging Symbols: Drinks

\_/?        Cup of tea

\~/          Glass with drink

Girly & Stylish Text Messaging Symbols: Expressions

;~)          Being cute

:( )          Cannot stop talking

\o/          Cheering, wohoo

:'-(          Crying sadly

:*(           Crying softly

:'-)          Crying with joy

0*-)         Female angel wink

\m/          Hand sign for rock

:-,            Hmmmm...smirking

O-S-<       In a hurry

&-l           Makes Me Cry

#:-)          Smiling with fur hat

Girly & Stylish Text Messaging Symbols: Personal Descriptions

:-)8<         Big girl

\-o I:(        Botox smiley

|:-)            Heavy eyebrows

8:-)           Little girl   

|-(             Lost contact lenses 

\%%%/     Queen

/;-)            Slanted eyebrows

:-)---         Thin as a pin

8-)            Wearing contacts

Girly girls and stylish women don't have a general text that expresses who they are when messaging friends. They have very specific feelings that need to be conveyed, let's face it. Who would have thought there were so many symbols for texting crying? Stylish text messaging symbols are a lot more personable and enjoyable for others to read!

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